About Us




The project is developed and promoted by the power couple ADIL YAR KHAN & SONIA AMIRAH KHAN. Both are extremely successful individuals with many shared interests. They portray a perfect example of entrepreneurship and creativity. Both don many hats with equal dexterity and éclat. Extensive experience in the entertainment industry led to many travels and many adventures. Being avid wayfarers with a fascination for living close to nature resulted in the genesis of JUNGLE SERAI. There was an urge to share the myriad wonderful romance with the many facets of nature with a like-minded tribe.

From the autumn toned sunrises, the tropical moonlit nights heavy with the scent of wild flowers, the rain drops glistening on the leaves like diamonds sprinkled across, the solitary walks on the meandering hills, the star spangled dark velvet nights, the magic of hot cups of tea with endless conversations, the eternal revelry around bon fire to finding the inner connect with the cosmos. FALAK by Jungle Serai promises to offer all this and more.

IMAAN YAR KHAN – Director and Media consultant. This young entrepreneur forms the third focal point of the family trio. Being the young turk, Imaan Yar Khan is abreast with the current trends. Her ideas are infused with a perfect blend of tradition and modern, helping us bring in inclusivity with the TGA. She helps design, manage and overlook the creative content for all our online campaigns.