Queen of hills is an apt moniker for this picturesque mountain town.

Lush greenery, flowing streams, the wide expanse of tea gardens and dense forests makes it a soothing balm for the dithery souls. Nestled in the Nilgiris at an altitude of 2286 meters above sea level, and the fact that it is so accessible by road and air makes it the prefect


Road travel and adventure has always been a passion with the promoters. And one hot Indian summer they drove into the cool meandering beauty of this hill station resulting in an instant love story. They kept coming back for more but could never get their fill of this piece of paradise in the clouds. Thus they started to plan for a vacation home not only for themselves but also for their equally adventurous associates. And so JUNGLE SERAI was conceived.

An amalgamation of in depth knowledge on the subject and a natural flair for creativity led to the right confluence of thoughts, furthering the practical and aesthetic plan for the project.

FALAK a synonym of sky/heaven, SERAI [noun] is a place of accommodation for the travelers, a caravansary, or rest house.

History and Etymology

Of Turkish & Persian origin meaning a Turkish saray mansion or a palace, from Persian seray mansion, inn.


JUNGLE SERAI is a gated community designed to offer maximum personal space to the owners along with the security of a robust & inclusive neighbor hood in the midst of nature.


  • All units are planned to enable the magnificent view of the blue-mountains
  • To encourage sustainability and ecological balance solar energy will be harnessed for electrification of peripheral lights.
  • Extensive landscaping to retain the lushness of the environment
  • The minimum plot area is almost a quarter of an acre, which helps us maintain 70% green cover
  • Complete compliance to guidelines
  • Carefully planned inner roads for easy maneuverability of vehicles.
  • A practical clubhouse with access only to the owners for hassle free entertaining
  • General security and maintenance
  • Segregated staff dormitories for accompanying house helpers etc.
  • Hassle free ownership.
We believe that a vacation home is always a reflection of one self. Comfort and aesthetics should always go hand in hand. To facilitate our esteemed clients, we also offer technical counsel and even build customized homes as an option.


What are vacations without socializing and fun filled evenings? The clubhouse is designed to cater to exactly such events. Equipped with snooker table, a barbeque pit, Gym, Projection screens and a small banquet, the facility will ensure that there is no dearth of activities for the holidayers.

Be a part of a dream and live yours.